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1 raised for its long silky hair which is the true mohair [syn: Angora goat]
2 domestic breed with long white silky hair [syn: Angora rabbit]
3 a long-haired breed similar to the Persian cat [syn: Angora cat]

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Ancient name of the city now known as Ankara in Turkey, which has given its name to several breeds of animal.
Angora and Ankara are different spellings of the same word An --- which means beautiful and Gora, Gara, Kara, or Qara --- which means black. Ankara --- Beautiful Black.


  1. An angora cat
  2. An angora goat
  3. An angora rabbit
  4. The hair of angora rabbits or angora goats, used to make textiles.
  5. The fabric made from the hair of angora rabbits or angora goats.

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